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NCAD & TUD Graduate Exhibitions

Updated: Feb 16

A huge thank you to NCAD and TUD for inviting The Complex staff to this year's degree show installations.

Congrats to all the artists for their hard work and perseverance throughout this year and last. The standard this year was really strong across the board, despite the obstacles faced. Exciting times ahead!

NCAD & TUD Graduate Exhibitions

Here are some of our favourites from this year's graduates.

A picture of a NCAD and TUD exhibitions

Aifric Prior Beliere (TUD)

A picture of sea life

Catherine McDonald (TUD)

A picture of ancient findings in Ireland

Rebecca Gleeson (NCAD Print)

A picture of sculpures

Jack Scollard (NCAD Print)

A picture of a painting in a gallery

Grainne Mulligan (NCAD Paint)

A pictures of scissors sculpture with a eye picture

Eilis Slattery (TUD)

A picture of sea shells

Caroline Creagh (TUD)

A picture of an old tv in sand

Gareth Byrne (TUD)

A picture of an acrylic painting on wood

Hazel O'Sullivan (NCAD Paint)

A picture of a pencil sketch portrait of a man and a dog

Jonathan Staines (NCAD Paint)

A picture of a colourful abstract painting

Mandy Kavanagh (TUD)

A picture of a Lord of the rings character painting by Lijuan McQuillan from TUD

Lijuan MCQuillan (TUD)

A green painting by Martyna Lebryk

Martyna Lebryk (TUD)

A portrait painting of Mary Kervick NCAD

Mary Kervick (NCAD Paint)

a painting of a black man touching a Rhinos horn

Lana McKinney (NCAD Paint)



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