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Mark O'Gorman, Curator / Producer of Visual Arts to represent The Complex at Expo Chicago

Askeaton Contemporary Arts have invited Mark O'Gorman, Curator / Producer of Visual Arts at The Complex, to take part in The Curatorial Exchange at Expo Chicago from April 11-14.

Mark O'Gorman and Helena Tobin (South Tipperary Arts Centre, Clonmel) will partake in the Curatorial Exchange, an invitation-only program dedicated and focused on fostering future collaborations for curators on a local, national, and international level. Mark is selected to represent The Complex’s innovative curatorial practice and his position as a curator within an Irish context to a global audience.

This is part of a series of events and encounters presented throughout Chicago by Askeaton Contemporary Arts in April 2024, including participation in BARELY FAIR, an international invitational art fair with a novel approach – artists exhibit in 1:12 scale booths built to mimic the design of a standard art fair and a presentation by Michele Horrigan on the activities of Askeaton Contemporary Arts at the 2024 Curatorial Forum, a public conference held at EXPO CHICAGO from April 11-13.

A special thanks to Askeaton Contemporary Arts for the invitation, and to The Arts Council of Ireland for supporting this exchange.

Image credit: George Hooker



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