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Eoghan Ryan ‘ A Sod State ‘ Curated by Marysia Więckiewicz-Carroll in The Gallery at The Complex.

Preview 12 April 6-8pm

Exhibition open: 13-27 April

Monday - Friday 10am-5pm

Saturday 12-5pm

An upcoming exhibition that promises to unravel the complexities of history, identity, and power in The Gallery at The Complex. Eoghan Ryan’s film installation, A Sod State, which is curated by Marysia Więckiewicz-Carroll, is set to captivate audiences with its poignant exploration of the Northern Irish Troubles. Nestled within the confines of The Gallery at Arran St East, this exhibition invites viewers to look into a world of conflicting narratives, surreal imagery, and political disarray.

At the heart of A Sod State lies Ryan’s evocative film installation, which challenges traditional notions of storytelling and historical interpretation. Through a mesmerizing blend of archival footage and contemporary media coverage, Ryan invites viewers to confront the tangled web of past and present, memory and reality. The film serves as a testament to the enduring impact of the Troubles, reimagining this tumultuous period as a timeless, ever-present phenomenon.

Accompanying the film installation is a striking collage of newspaper clippings, meticulously curated by Ryan over fifteen years. These fragments of media serve as both a backdrop and a commentary, offering glimpses into the fragmented nature of truth and perception.

As part of the exhibition, visitors are invited to engage in a Q&A session on Saturday, 20 April, at 3 pm. Led by Eoghan Ryan and Dr Rory Rowan of Trinity College Dublin, this conversation promises to look deeper into the themes explored in A Sod State. From the nuances of identity to the impact of political structures, the discussion offers a unique opportunity for dialogue and reflection.

In addition to the exhibition itself, A Sod State is accompanied by a thought-provoking publication featuring contributions from Maria Fusco, Jaki Irvine, and Pádraic E. Moore. This publication serves as a companion piece, offering further insights into the themes and concepts explored by Ryan in his work.

A Sod State marks the inaugural exhibition in the series of projects titled ‘The Ideas that Make Us’, curated by Marysia Więckiewicz-Carroll. Through this series, Więckiewicz-Carroll aims to examine the profound impact of political and social structures on our collective identity. Supported by the Arts Council of Ireland, this ambitious project sets the stage for a series of compelling explorations into the human experience.

Eoghan Ryan, the creative force behind A Sod State, brings a wealth of experience and insight to his practice. With a diverse background spanning moving images, installations, performances, and collages, Ryan’s work reflects a deep-seated commitment to exploring the complexities of trauma, power, and identity. Through his meticulous process and evocative imagery, Ryan invites viewers to confront uncomfortable truths and challenge conventional wisdom.

Marysia Więckiewicz-Carroll, the curator behind A Sod State, is a respected figure in the Irish art world. With a background in independent curating and art writing, Więckiewicz-Carroll brings a unique perspective to her work. Through her collaborations and projects, she seeks to push boundaries and provoke thought, encouraging audiences to reconsider their preconceptions and engage with art in new and meaningful ways.

For more information about the exhibition and related events, visit the WHAT’S ON page or follow along on social media. Don’t miss your chance to experience A Sod State and join the conversation about the ideas that shape us all.



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