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Dublin Modular at The Ground Floor Gallery

Dublin Modular is an artist run, not for profit organisation that have been hosting events in Dublin City since 2019. Tadhg Kinsella founded Dublin Modular with the aim of fostering collaborations between electronic musicians and visual artists, and providing them with an outlet to showcase their work.

The initiative is constantly developing, and Kinsella hopes to extend the platform to include more artforms such as dance, literature, and photography.

On Saturday the 6th of November, The Ground Floor Gallery at The Complex was home to an event that formed part of Dublin Modular’s “It’s at Home” series. The afternoon invited the audience to listen to live electronic music while reflecting on the art in the gallery. Kinsella told Claudia Dalby of The Dublin Inquirer that “listening to live music while looking at art changes the gallery experience”.

The evening portion of the event was a sellout, and saw artists Brawni, Contour, Jonathan Nangle, Pauric Freeman and Acid Granny perform in the gallery. Electronic current noise generator devices were available to the crowd, creating an interactive installation.

Photograph by Cian Copland

Check out Dublin Modular’s website to see what innovative events they have in store next.



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