The Complex and The Abbey Theatre present

The World Premier of


Written by Tracy Martin

Directed by Vanessa Fielding

Produced by Phil Kingston, Jen Coppinger


Set and costumes: Sarah Jane Foley

Lighting and Av: Conleth White



Karen Ardiff

Denise McCormack

Liz Fitzgibbon

Ciara Ivie

Luke Griffin

Thommas Kane Byrne

Lean Moore

David O'Meara

Dublin Will Show You How is a provocative play that offers a gut-wrenching glimpse into the intimidation and isolation of women living in the culture of coercion and crime. It speaks of oppression and ultimately women’s ostracisation, where you cannot leave your home for fear of hearing or seeing something you shouldn’t, or being implicated in somebody else’s business. It is based in the north inner city of Dublin but it is about women everywhere and their survival.


Written by Anthony Goulding

Directed by Vanessa Fielding

Lighting and Av: Conleth White

Set: Ste Bourke



David O'Meara
Damian Gildea
Darragh Byrne
Killian Kirwan
David Fennelly
Donnacha O'Dea
Oisin Murphy

‘F.A.T. D.A.D.’, an acronym for the six counties under British rule, portrays the life of teacher, Fiachra Martin. His classroom acts as a symbol of a divided Ireland and the impact this perpetual tension has on lives of his students. Mr. Martin goes on hunger strike with Bobby Sands, and as his beliefs deepen, he finds himself unemployed and homeless.

Inspired by true events, this play tells the story of the profound impact a teacher and nationalist hunger striker had on his pupils in north inner-city Dublin during the 1980s and 1990s. The play depicts the cultural and social problems of drugs and homelessness of that era, issues that still resonate today.


Project Launch: June 2017

In collaboration with the Abbey Theatre and Dublin City Council, 'Browbeating' worked with local womens’ groups who wanted to explore their experience of intimidation in Dublin’s North Inner City.

The Complex held an Assembly performance to start a long term project exploring the damage done by the black economy on female lives in modern Ireland. Building on the Complex's north side connections with community groups, Browbeating used personal experience, debate, passion and creativity to deepen our understanding of this issue and ask these questions…

What is it?
What it’s like to be part of it?
What it’s like for the children?
Who does it?
Where else does it happen?
What can we do?


Following the Browbeating Assembly, The Complex held a series of workshops over eighteen months with local women from the north inner city.

Playwright Tracy Martin was present for some of the workshops and is wrote a play exposing the reality of the participants’ lives.


'Dublin Will Show You How' is based on a concept by Vanessa Fielding, Artistic Director of The Complex, and inspired by workshops with women from the north inner city of Dublin as part of the Browbeating Project, 

Dublin Will Show You How, premiered on the Peacock Stage at the Abbey Theatre in April 2019 and transferred to the Complex in Arran St East. Find out more about the play here.


Directed by Joe O'Byrne

Mae lives with her son, Steo, but he is hell bent on revenge on a drug dealer who he believes is responsible for the death of his father. This musical play sets out to explore the world of Mae as she tries to restrain Steo from destroying his own life.


Hilda Fay,

David Herlihy,

Killian Kirwan

Lucy Jones

Daragh McCarthy


by Pat McCabe

Directed by Joe O'Byrne

with Kate O'Toole and Brian Mallon

Patrick McCabe was twice shortlisted for the Booker Prize, for The Butcher Boy and Breakfast on Pluto, both made into major feature films by Neil Jordan. “The Butcher Boy” novel was published in 1992 and in the same year at the Dublin Theatre Festival Joe O’Byrne directed “Frank Pig Says Hello”, the stage adaptation of the acclaimed novel. Now the story of Francie Brady reaches its conclusion in the world premiere of this new play.

Francie Brady was a young boy in the early nineteen sixties Ireland, when he committed the brutal murder that is at the heart of the novel “The Butcher Boy”. Now, many years later, Francie is one of the last residents of the Dundrum Mental Hospital where he has spent his life since he committed that dreadful crime, trying to make sense of his life and achieve redemption.

‘The Leaves of Heaven' will run from Thurs 13th to Sat 22nd October, Previews Tues 11th, Wed 12th. 

Show Time : 7.30pm 
Running Time : 90mins


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‘Reassembled, Slightly Askew’ is an autobiographical live art piece by Shannon Yee, and is a co-production with The Complex.


In 2008, Yee became critically ill with a rare brain infection which led to several life-changing surgeries, followed by years of recovery and finally reintegration back into society with a hidden disability.  As part of her recovery Shannon decided to share her story with audiences. 


The show takes audience members on a unique and immersive theatrical experience. They lie in a hospital bed, wearing an eye mask and headphones, under supervision by a nurse – as if with Yee on her journey toward reassembling her life.

The Complex is a space for the creative arts, including a gallery, studios, venues and space for rental.




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