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The Depot | 10/12/2023

Tickets From | €10-15

The Complex 3pm & 6pm. 10th of December ‘23

A powerful show featuring 12 circus artists. Join us for a journey into the mist, the liminal space that magical beings inhabit.This is a multidisciplinary contemporary circus show created by a cast of 12 emerging professional artists as part of Dublin Circus Project's BOOST training program.

The audience will be transported to a world where magical beings twist and contort, climb and fall, throw and catch before disappearing again into the mist. 

Featuring a mix of aerial rope, live music, juggling, trapeze, clown, acrobatics, hula hoop, hand balancing, hat and chair manipulation.

The show is suitable for all ages . Please be aware this performance will feature a smoke machine.



Gary O'Rourke, Sadbh Grehan, Hannah Ryan, Claire McKervy, Em Murphy, Cian O'Leary, Cian Booth, Inza Sudway, Louise Glendinning, Nathan MacDonnell, Molly O'Brien , Juliette O'Donnell


Fadi Zmorrod, Deidre Griffin, Emmet Louis, Sev Feathers, Alain Serviant, Angelica Santander, Monika Palova, Chloe Commins, Grant Goldie, Kourtney Pavlov, Emmen Jude Donnely, Naomhan Joyce. 

Director - Alain Servaint

Choreography - Deidre Griffin

Assistant Director - Angelica Santander

Sound Design - John Linnane

Lighting Design - Conleth White

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