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A 10 year retrospective by Amanda Cullen

The Depot

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Exhibition Run: 28 March - 29 March 10 - 5pm

Preview: 28 March 5.30 - 8pm

This exhibition reveals a ten year journey of creative expression and healing through art. The style is organic, markings are made from the gut, they are instinctive and intuitive. The style and selection of materials is steady yet it has changed throughout my journey, with heart, spirit, mind and body all playing a part in my practice. There is space for innate wisdom to land and express itself on the pieces. The venue chosen for the show allows space for the art to show itself as a whole, immersing the viewer in the work.

My artwork is supported by shamanic practices and assists me in my life’s journey and work towards embodiment, soul retrieval and healing trauma. I have been developing as an artist steadily over the past ten years. My approach is informed by practices handed down to me by my teachers at The School of Movement Medicine. An awareness of the qualities of fire, earth, water and air is incorporated into the relationship I have with the art I make. There is a mysterious quality to my work. It is an intrinsic part of it and of why I create.

I welcome you to take your time and go on a journey through the space, surrounded by these images. The path will guide you to a central chamber of florescence, an expression of the Alchemist’s forging of gold. I hope the experience will inspire you, remind you of the power of your creativity and your innate right for expression of who you are and why you are here!

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