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13 - 22 OCTOBER 2016

Patrick McCabe was twice shortlisted for the Booker Prize, for 'The Butcher Boy 'and 'Breakfast on Pluto', both made into major feature films by Neil Jordan. 'The Butcher Boy' novel was published in 1992 and in the same year at the Dublin Theatre Festival Joe O’Byrne directed 'Frank Pig Says Hello', the stage adaptation of the acclaimed novel. Now the story of Francie Brady reaches its conclusion in the world premiere of this new play.


Francie Brady was a young boy in the early nineteen sixties Ireland, when he committed the brutal murder that is at the heart of the novel 'The Butcher Boy'. Now, many years later, Francie is one of the last residents of the Dundrum Mental Hospital where he has spent his life since he committed that dreadful crime, trying to make sense of his life and achieve redemption.


Brian Mallon

Mairead Devlin


Writer: Pat McCabe

Director: Joe O'Byrne

Producers: Vanessa Fielding, Joe O'Byrne

Lighting and AV: Conleth White

Set and Props: Stephanie Golden,

Justyna Nowicka

Costumes: Marie Tierney

Puppets: Margot Quinn


The Irish Times

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