13th February 5.00 - 5.45pm

Join artists David Jacques, Frances Disley, Paul Rooney and Brendan Lyons for a pre-exhibition preview talk. 

The group panel will discuss similarities and disparities within each others work and explore the connection between the Liverpool art scene and Dublin. 

All four artists in the show span a multitude of disciplines including installation, video, sound, performance, painting and text. Throughout each artist’s practice is a striving to create their own, sometimes fictitious narrative deriving from research-based beginnings. These often stem from social, political and historical contexts.


Paul Rooney’s text, sound and video works focus on the instabilities and deceptions of language and narrative, particularly in relation to representing place and the historical past. The pieces present differing storytelling ‘voices’, often from ‘real’ sources, which are then rendered and sometimes deliberately and humorously disrupted through stylistic or formal play.


David Jacques’ practice engages with the subject of history, its narrative interpretations and the interplay between factual and fictional modes of representation. His interest in history often results in the exploration of forgotten, marginalised and socially/politically disruptive sources.


Frances Disley expands the gesture of painting across sculptures, garments and backdrops. These elements are always inhabited by and presented in relation to the moving body – objects, surfaces and bodies become integrated and activated. .


Brendan Lyons produces dried skins of pure acrylic paint which he then applies to and covers various supports and continues to add further paint to produce an often complex and intricate surface.This form of painting pulls paint from its static form and introduces movement into the composition.

For this exhibition The Complex encourages dialogue and inspires routes of artistic exchange. This is with the intention of creating future opportunities and collaborations on both sides of the sea.

The Complex is a space for the creative arts, including a gallery, studios, venues and space for rental.




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