by Aoife Dunne

30 NOV - 03 DEC 2018




“In Lacuna”, is a large-scale digital installation by artist Aoife Dunne. Her site-specific and interactive work is known to be colourfully chaotic and continuously evolving. The pre-existing architecture that accommodates her work is personally tailored in such a way as to integrate with sculptural constructions and found objects. The space is further augmented through the use of video and sound, transforming the gallery into a fully immersive and stimulating environment. Aoife’s imaginative compositions are a product of accumulating, arranging, reusing and reworking layers of visual material. The result is a mechanism providing transcendence of the boundaries separating virtual worlds from the physical one, creating a hyperbolic experience. “In Lacuna”, in particular, highlights relations between physical structures, mental states and modes of being.


Kindly supported by Fingal County Council.

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Artist: Aoife Dunne