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EL Putnam, & David Stalling

Ember is a multimedia performance encompassing live action and electroacoustic improvisation by EL Putnam and David Stalling. Fibre optics create an affective weaving of visual and sonic engagement with video projection, exploring the materiality of light and shadow with the body through an interplay of digital and embodied gestures. Ember takes place on the shortest day of the year — the Winter Solstice — cultivating a simulation of fire that plays at the threshold of light and darkness that the day encompasses.

EL Putnam

EL Putnam is a visual artist working predominately in performance art, video, sound, and interactive media. Her work draws from multiple themes and sources, including explorations of the interplay of digital and corporeal gestures as well the study of place, which she investigates through personal and cultural lenses. EL actively presents artworks and performances in the United States and Europe, is committee member of Bbeyond Belfast, and has been a member of the Mobius Artists Group since 2009. Recent works of note include: Digital Bu(i)t, commissioned by the National Endowment for the Arts at Boston City Hall in Boston, MA, USA, and Stakes in the Muck, presented at the 2017 Venice Biennale. Originally from the United States, she currently resides in Co. Louth.

David Stalling

Originally from Bochum, Germany, David Stalling has been working as an artist in Ireland since the late 1990s. His works have been performed and exhibited internationally. With a sensitivity to the sonic nature of both lived in and imagined worlds, David’s practice transcends the traditional definition of composing, utilising a variety of media: acoustic and electronic sound; field recordings and found objects; moving image and lighting. He also experiments and improvises with self built instruments and microphones, and has performed and collaborated with many artists and musicians in a diversity of contexts.


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