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Composition 2: Notes on Breathing + Space

02 August - 14th August 2018     

In this exhibition, Siobhán Kavanagh and Adam Gibney will further their recent collaborative project Spatial Composition 1: I breathe, therefore… This project will combine live experimental vocal composition with generative technological assemblages which will react to and be created in the gallery. The improvisational nature of the piece will give audience members the opportunity to encounter art in live form, with their own presence contributing to the artists’ creation of notes on breath and space. Kavanagh and Gibney’s Spatial Composition 1 was shown as part of The Autonomy Project, Limerick 2018.

Breath: as an organic sound embedded with action and agency.
Space: as an agent which affects the physical and conceptual.


Siobhán Kavanagh is a vocal artist specialising in composition and live performance; writing songs and creating musical arrangements with bands and electronic artists. Siobhán often works collaboratively, most notably with visual artists, dancers, and circus performers. Through these collaborations, Siobhán explores all vocal and music genres reacting to the themes presented while experimenting with performance and musical composition. Training as a vocalist for many years through Opera, Jazz, contemporary performance and extended vocal techniques, Siobhán applies a blend of all the elements, with a focus on research and new creative practice.

Adam Gibney is a Dublin based artist who engages with sound, electronics and sculpture as a means to unravel the impossibilities in understanding key elements of our objective reality. His practice often deals with the philosophical implications of knowledge generated by Science and Philosophy and their points of intersection. Sound-manipulation, electronic design and computer programming act as catalyst for digesting the philosophical conundrums that his practice investigates.

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